Unleashing the Magic: David Keegan's Garden Design Transforms Wilmslow's Dull Square of Lawn into a Dynamic Oasis

Published by David Keegan 9 months ago


Gardens have a remarkable power to captivate our senses and transport us to a world of tranquillity and beauty. In the heart of Wilmslow, a once lacklustre square of lawn has undergone a stunning metamorphosis, with the help of garden designer David Keegan.

With his passion for low-maintenance materials and a keen eye for detail, DK Garden Design has masterfully transformed this garden into a series of enchanting pocket gardens, each with its own unique charm and purpose. Let's take a leisurely stroll through this remarkable transformation and discover the wondrous spaces that now await.


Discovering the Pocket Gardens:

Gone are the days of a monotonous expanse of lawn. DK Garden Design has breathed life into this space by dividing it into distinct pocket gardens. As you wander through, you're immediately captivated by the small woodland-style garden, where dappled sunlight filters through the branches of native trees. This peaceful oasis invites us to escape the bustling world and find solace in nature's embrace.


A little further along, we encounter a gravel garden, adorned with scented climbing plants such as honeysuckle, roses, and jasmine. Their delicate fragrance entices us, while their vibrant colours add a touch of romance. This intimate corner of the garden is the perfect spot to bask in the late evening sunshine, lost in the beauty of nature.