Roof Garden Designs Alderley Edge in Cheshire East

Alderley Edge Cheshire East North West UK

Roof gardens are a great way to utilise not only a flat rood but the elevated views that generally go with them. I designed this roof garden in Alderley Edge to do exactly that as it affords sweeping views out to the open countryside. The addition of an outdoor kitchen in the designs including a double fridge and fully plumbed in sink makes this a great all-round space for entertaining whilst the pergola offers some useful shade from the sun and rain. The addition of the wood burner pizza bread oven also adds a cosy spot to sit with blazing flames adding a warming glow to a chilly evening. In the before picture the roof footprint for the roof garden was a lot smaller but this was increased as pert of a major renovation of the house. The raised bed planters are not only filled with ornamental plants but also contain a host of herbs for use in cooking making the planting scheme an interactive addition to the overall aesthetic. The roof garden itself site within a much larger project including a freshly designer orchard and wildflower meadow. Designs for ground level are due to be installed over the coming months.

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