Landscape designs For Wildflower Meadow and Orchard in Cheshire East

Cheshire East North West UK

As a landscape garden designer, I am always looking for ways to not only make the best use of land but to also incorporate edibles that give a greater sense of connection and meaning to the end use of land landscapes and gardens. For this project in Alderley Edge in east Cheshire Norther West UK I took what was a barren field with little wildlife or amenity value and designed a landscape to include a diverse orchard and wildflower meadow. Although the orchard was only designed 2 years ago and installed last year it is already settling in well and filled with colour. It is a fact that much of the UKs green belt land lies in private hands where it is not used for agriculture but due to planning restrictions is not allowed to be developed for fear it will be turned into extended gardens. Whilst this makes sense ibn terms of the goal to preserve land for the food production is does nothing to enhance or facilitate when it is unused for either agriculture or some form of a wildlife friendly aesthetic land management meaning at most it is left as grass that is cut frequently throughout the year. This is neither good for the countryside or wildlife. One approach to this problem is to create a diverse orchard set within a wildflower meadow. As this involves food production it not only meets the agricultural requirements but is a great way to boost wildlife habitat in the process. I’m really looking forward to watching this orchard and wildflower meadow fill out and grow over the coming years. Perhaps you have a filed, or fields, that would benefit from this approach to land management and landscape design, if yes why not drop me a line.

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