Secret garden Rochdale

Published by David Keegan 2 years ago

Even in the smallest of gardens its possible to create little get out areas that provide a sense of intimacy and seclusion. Using large foliar plants not only helps to create that space but also adds a wonderful sense of  light, shade and shadow that adds to the effect. Here I love the shadows cast by the arching fronds of  a Dicksonia Antarctica on the pale grey stone paving.   I often use the hashtag Its All About The Plants in my posts. On this occasion I think I can safely say it truly is all about the plants. On first viewing it was little more than a sloped pile of poor soil, as most new builds are in the UK.  The clients brief, a watercolour of one of the Palm Houses in Kew gardens and he wanted that in Rochdale. It at high elevation so gets the worst, as well as some of the coldest, of the UK weather. But that’s a challenge right….? Planting on the garden completed in about October 2019 and 2 years in I thinks its looking pretty lush. Check out the Port Folio on this garden at this link

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