This was a very exciting project as it required a complete garden designs to the front and rear gardens. Whilst the interior of the client’s house was fully modernised the garden was very much stuck in a 1980’s time-warp. Both the front and rear gardens were full of the ubiquitous conifers one seems to find everywhere and which I personally loath. The clients wanted a garden that would reflect and be in keeping with the contemporary Interior of the house. At the time of my fist visit the garage was located to the rear of the property and cars parked in this area dominated the back garden. This meant the front entrance was rarely used and the large front garden again rarely used. The front lawn also dropped off from the house to boundary to a depth of at least 1 meter and was in a very poor state.  Due to the peculiar location of the front entrance the existing path to door was located to the side wall of the house. This did nothing to make either prominence of the entrance or a feeling of welcome.The front garden was infilled and turned into parking, whilst the back garden was given a contemporary redesign with the garage being rendered. Bi-fold doors were also fitted leading onto a decked area, connecting the Den to the house