This landscape design project was not far outside the city of Chester in Cheshire. An extensively refurbished and modernised house siting in a plot of approximately 1.5 acres of land. My first visit the remains of the original gardens still in place. The original gardens were in a state of neglect, and looked dark and uninviting. Planting was outdated and overgrown with a large number of Cupressocyparis leylandii. The large gardens had originally been broken into a series of smaller satellite areas. I created a set of garden designs based on a series of contemporary and distinctive garden rooms. With each room provoking a different sense of feeling and response. By dividing the gardens into these compartments, I have created a sense of journey and discovery. The gardens have a sense of lightness and modernity mixed with a sense of adventure and fun. The inspiration for the garden to the side of the sunken room came from an “ENO” English National Opera production of Zerkses, and was designed as a piece of art, or an installation, rather than a strictly conventional garden.