The existing garden included a number of features, which my clients wished to keep, and other features which they wanted removed to make way for the new garden. The clients wished to retain a pear and a Victoria plum tree, as these were the only survivors from the original orchards Boundary lime trees by the front drive way and magnificent oak were subject to TPO, so these were also retained. Raised beds to the rear and left of the boundary became part of the new garden design, as these were the remains of the boundary wall of the old orchard. Dry stonewalling to the side raised bed required rebuilding. Copper is also used as an inset detail in tubular cross lats of the pergola, which I designed for the rear garden. We chose pale diamond sawn York stone for all paved areas, to brighten the space on dull days and counteract the shading effect of the overhanging trees. In response to the client’s request for a low maintenance water feature, I designed a black pebble rill, which connects the two sides of the garden, and draws your eye down the pathway though the perimeter planting. Black also is a strong visual contrast to the pale paving and silver planting. Ultimately this is a space, which will retain interest over many years as it matures and establishes.