This garden design in Chorlton in Manchester  is a project that will always have a special place in my heart. You can read the full story behind it on my blog “The Story of Vika & Andy’s Garden” I can usually predict and choose from a reasonably short list why somebody has decided to employ my services as a garden designer, ranging from kids now grown up so time for us to reclaim the garden, to families wanting to make better use of the space, to we are missing the wow factor. After a short discussion, which involved me explaining how I worked as a designer, I can clearly remember the moment, Andy moving in closer to the table, looked me straight in the eye and said: “There is another important factor to this project that we feel is important to share with you.” With that Andy proceeded to explain that Victoria was suffering from terminal cancer. And with those simple, but deafening words, the nature of this project changed completely.  My mind suddenly struck with the realisation of the fragility and transience of life.  A moment of awkwardness, then broken, as Victoria explained that the garden was to be part of a healing process, and would be part of her therapy.   Sadly Victoria is no longer with us but the garden lives on in her memory.