Small Garden Design Marple Stockport

Marple Stockport North West UK

Marple North West UK As a garden and landscape designer I am always hoping for the unusual and challenging when it comes to client projects. This one has it in spades. This is the story of a client who bought a piece of woodland with a house attached, no kidding. Very exciting project in Marple in Stockport Northwest UK. The woodland and brook is actually at the base of a very steep slope, which, being pretty inaccessible, requires designs for a series of stairs. I have also designed a cantilevered platform to take full advantage of the views down to what is actually an area of ancient woodland. A very special project its due to be installed late spring to early summer of next year once house renovations have completed. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of the concept visuals for the project. Check back here regularly for further updates.

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